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Lady Heather Grace

Heather's Story

Heather Grace writes poetry on the run, in between listening to her existentialist six-year-old daughter, living with bipolar affective disorder, and working her day job. Through her unapologetically honest, raw and often amusing poems, she hopes to crush mental health stigmas and encourages readers to expand the level of kindness they truly extend to themselves in any situation in their lives.



In a collection of raw, honest, and sometimes amusing poems, Heather Grace reflects on her delightful and depressing existence as she contemplates all that life gives and takes away. While exploring her childhood, love, heartache, motherhood, marriage, addiction, divorce, and her small chats with God, she offers others the chance to reflect on their own missteps, failures, and the joy that comes with looking into the eyes of a young soul and finding hope once again.


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