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My Story

Lady Heather Grace is a South African-born poet, artist, mental health advocate, business leader and keynote speaker who works to creatively crush the stigma about mental health. Now living in Dubai, she inspires audiences of all sizes through her keynote speeches and purpose-driven workshops. Using stories, prompts and plenty of laughter, she inspires and empowers participants to discover their purpose and create a more honest relationship with themselves and others.

Heather has been writing and painting since she was seven years old. She writes her poetry on the run in between listening to her existentialist six-year-old daughter, working her day job as a Content Division Director for a global entertainment network, and living with bipolar affective disorder. Heather’s unapologetically honest, raw and often amusing poems embrace mental health and encourage readers to show themselves even greater kindness. Her poetry memoir, cloudraker, is available on

Heather’s artwork is appreciated, sold and commissioned worldwide. She studied under renowned artist Grace Kotze, and her preferred medium is acrylic with fillers on canvas. She says this tactile mixture gives her a sense of freedom to be playful while pouring out her subconscious without restrictions. She wishes such creative freedom, in all its forms, to anyone who wants to discover their purpose as they express the ups and downs and darkness and light of life.

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